“I recommend ABA Academy to anyone looking for help.  The staff could not be more patient and caring.  The curriculum is designed around the needs of each individual child.  It has been an amazing experience, and we look forward to a long, successful relationship with ABA Academy.”


Baby Girl

When you look at me, you look at me…

It’s not just a stare;

You look at me to let me know,

Let me know that you’re there.

Your eyes are so bright they sparkle,

And your smile so full of hope;

Just a reminder that God is alive

And our struggles, we can cope.

Your 3 to 4 word sentences

Is how you let me know,

That although we have work to do,

You’re here to run the show.

You’re five today

So healthy, strong and tall.

My baby girl, oh baby girl

I love you most of all.

Today is a good day

As I hear you say,

“My name is Brooklyn,

And I am 5 today”.

For it was just one year ago

That I bought you a cake,

And you stared at it blankly,

Wow, that made my heart break.

But as you look at me today,

It’s not just a stare.

You look at me to let me know,

Let me know that you’re there.

I love you brookie.



“We are so blessed by ABA Academy!  Jack has made tremendous progress over the last several years thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone there. We knowthat Jack has a bright futurethanks to ABA Academy!”

-Amy R.


Today my son turned and waved goodbye to me as he went into therapy. I was astonished and elated. For thirteen long years something as simple as a wave has eluded him. Thirteen years of prompting, coaxing, and demonstrating for the simplest form of communication. I cannot even begin to describe the road Sam and I have traveled searching for help. Research, vitamins, conventional therapy, unconventional therapy, all good – with results arduous and miniscule. But today my son turned and waved goodbye as he went to therapy, it was spontaneous and without prompting.

I was thrilled and a wave of sadness came over me as if mourning a feeling I am very familiar with. I think with autism, parents mourn the loss of speech, childhood, friends, birthdays, school events, independence, safety, and the loss of your child telling you what happened in school today even to answer a simple question of “where did that bruise come from?” And the guessing game of trying to figure out what is wrong when they are sick and did someone mistreat them in school that day. I felt sad because Sam could have been receiving the help he needed and has not received until now.

In just a few short hours of therapy at ABA Academy, under the talented hand of Nancy Wagner and her team of therapists, Sam is responding and making substantial leaps of progress like dressing himself (yea!), asking a for a drink – answering a question with a yes or no – pushing the shopping cart around the grocery store without any help – acquiring vocabulary bit by bit – gaining confidence and acquiring self-confidence. These things seem simple until you don’t have them. As a parent I live in torment of the future and what my child may encounter… my imagination can be brutal. To me the need for his continued therapy at ABA Academy is self-evident without going into tormenting detail of what his future would be without it.



My son has been attending ABA Academy two days a week, for just one month.  He needed a lot of help with speech, language, enunciation, communication skills and behavior issues.   I have been happily impressed with our experience, and each visit he is more confident, his behavior is improving and he is speaking clearer.  The most amazing recognition was when my Dad told me that a month ago he could understand only 25% of my son’s speech.  After spending the night with him recently, Dad was shocked that he could now understand 90% of his speech!  I could see and hear the daily progress, but for the first time, Grandpa was communicating with his grandson!  It still brings tears to my eyes.

I recommend ABA Academy to anyone looking for help.  The staff could not be more patient and caring.  The curriculum is designed around the needs of each individual child.  It has been an amazing experience, and we look forward to a long, successful relationship with ABA Academy.


Sammy’s parents contacted ABA Academy in the fall of 2006 because they could not attend church together and their son was unable to focus for more than a few seconds at a time. One of the parents always ended up “on call” because Sammy could not stay in the Sunday school classroom. Where ever Sammy was, he was a whirlwind, diving under the table, constantly bumping into other kids and hitting and kicking the peers. He hated music and screamed and hid in the bathroom when it was music time.

In November 2006, Sammy began attending ABA Academy a few hours a week. The first session was very difficult. His mom told me she cried when she met her husband afterwards. The realization of how much help Sammy needed was even more evident in the therapeutic surrounding. They were facing the fact that he probably wouldn’t go to kindergarten in the fall and they often found themselves exhausted. He screamed and cried when numbers or letters were talked about and he could not sit still or listen to the teachers. He refused to hold anything with which to write. A family history of autism and institutionalization was looming in their minds and hearts. We identified that Sammy could not listen to a simple sentence and then answer any questions about it, even though he had good expressive language skills.

Sammy attended therapy 3 times a week including both individual and group sessions. He made consistent progress in the structured environment at ABA Academy and by the following summer was ready to begin kindergarten in a charter school where his brother attended. He had learned all his letter sounds and names, could count and recognize numbers to 20 and knew a few sight words. He had also begun to blend sounds to make words and could write all of his letters and numbers. The biggest change for Sammy and his family has been his behavior. His kindergarten teacher says he is one of the brightest, most verbal and politest kids in the class! His parents are now able to work in the ESL ministry in their church because Sammy can now stay in the kids classes without hurting others. His parents often hear compliments for Sammy’s manners. He completed kindergarten in May of 2008. Congratulations to Sammy and his family for working together to learn new techniques to help him learn.


Nancy began consulting with Cam in March 2005, just before his third birthday. Living his early life in Russia with his missionary family, he had received exposure to heavy metals and was developmentally delayed. Returning to the states, his parents had him tested by Early Childhood Services where he received a diagnosis on the Autism spectrum. Eye contact was brief and fleeting, language was limited to 8 words, and play behavior did not exist. Arm flapping and seeking visual stimulation were his main activities.

ABA services provided in his home began with identifying reinforcers and using PECS to teach the function of language. Providing fun activities and developmentally appropriate discrete trial training blended with natural environment and incidental teaching, Cameron made rapid progress. Today Cameron is 5, speaks in 5-10 word sentences with appropriate grammar and inflection, He asks many questions, plays games and make believe, loves Blues Clues and books. He started kindergarten this fall and is ahead of most of the class in phonics and math. Congratulations Cam!