What Do You Do?

All services provided at ABA Academy are based on the science of applied behavior analysis. Each child has an individual plan developed in consultation with the family.

  •  Structured and developed to provide measurable steps of progress
  • Designed using “errorless learning” methodology to promote confidence and success
  • Based on developmental needs and where your child is in the learning process
  • Fun!!!
  • Based on  individualized reinforcers specifically designed for your child
  • Programs include both natural environment and discrete trial training
  • The verbal behavior and  pivotal response approaches are also used

Types of services

  • Center-based ABA therapy services
  • Consultation with preschools, daycare centers and schools
  • Consultation and training for church staff
  • Camp ABA
  • Therapeutic Preschool Practice Classes

The staff at ABA Academy understand that parents have the ultimate responsibility to provide and care for their child. Making decisions for a child with special needs is difficult and includes many choices from a wide array of therapies and treatments available. We work closely with parents who choose biomedical and other treatments for their child. As partners in learning, we work with other professionals on your team while your child receives treatment at ABA Academy.