Therapeutic Preschool Practice Classes

We are now enrolling for our Preschool Practice Classes for ages 2 to 5. This program has been very effective in helping children with social and language delays learn the important skills for success in Kindergarten. Classes begin in August and are a mixture of individual therapy and peer activities. Each child has a one to one therapist, even when in group activities to help them learn how to participate and have fun.

A typical schedule includes individual discrete trial training (DTT), center time, math and literacy concepts, arts and crafts, motor activities, games, story time and play times. A strong emphasis is placed on language and behavior skills.  Woven into each session are opportunities for fine and gross motor activities. The emphasis is on desensitizing children in areas where they are struggling. Noises, sticky hands, toilet teaching,visual challenges and other fears are all addressed through individual programs developed by the BCBA’s. All implementation is overseen by BCBA’s who are on site 99% of the time. This means children learn quickly and negative behaviors are diminished quickly. BCBA’s typically provide one to one therapy to each child several hours per week.

A primary goal of this program is for kids to love learning,  make friends while having fun  and to gain the skills in independence to learn from a typical school environment.

This program has been an extremely successful part of our early intervention program and has developed several students who have earned awards and honors in elementary school.